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Sometimes, an extraction is the best way to protect your oral health from further decay or damage. At Moderna Dental Studio in Farmers Branch, Texas, Noah Cruz, DDS, and Mayra Estrada, DDS, provide tooth extractions for patients of all ages. A tooth extraction can help preserve your smile. To learn more, call Moderna Dental Studio or book an appointment online today.

Tooth Extractions Q&A

What are tooth extractions?

A tooth extraction is a dental procedure in which your dentist removes a tooth. The team at Moderna Dental Studio performs extractions for both permanent and baby teeth. There are two types of tooth extractions:

Simple extraction

If you need a simple extraction, the team does not have to perform surgery to remove your tooth. Instead, they use a dental elevator to gently loosen your tooth from its socket. Then, they carefully pull it out. Simple extractions require no sutures and typically heal relatively quickly.

Surgical extraction

The team performs a surgical extraction if they can’t remove your tooth with an elevator and simple dental tools. During a surgical extraction, the team makes an incision in your gumline and extracts the tooth trapped beneath. In some cases, they may remove the tooth in pieces.

Surgical extractions are more complex than simple extractions. Most are performed with anesthesia and require sutures. Healing from a surgical extraction typically takes longer than simple procedures.

Who needs tooth extractions?

A tooth extraction is typically the team’s last resort if your tooth is a threat to your oral health and less invasive procedures have failed. The team may recommend an extraction if you have:

  • Overcrowding
  • Tooth infection
  • Severe damage or decay
  • Advanced gum disease
  • Extreme tooth pain

Impacted wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth in your mouth to develop. They typically emerge between ages 17-25. By the time your wisdom teeth develop, your mouth has already stopped growing. It may not be able to accommodate this new addition. 

In many cases, wisdom teeth become impacted. This means they’re partially or fully trapped beneath the gumline. 

Impacted wisdom teeth can lead to pain, tooth sensitivity, facial swelling, and other uncomfortable symptoms.

What happens during surgical tooth extractions?

Before performing a surgical tooth extraction, the team typically administers anesthesia and numbs your mouth with a local anesthetic. Next, they make a small incision in your gumline to access the trapped tooth. 

If necessary, they may remove the tooth in pieces. Once they’ve extracted the entire tooth, the team sutures the incision.

To help your gums form a blood clot at the incision, the team packs your mouth with gauze. While the anesthesia should wear off soon, it’s important to coordinate a ride home after your appointment. You may feel tired and groggy. 

To protect your treatment area, change your gauze regularly, avoid sucking through a straw and don’t eat hard or chewy foods.

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